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White Poly Mailers Envelopes Shipping Bags flyers Self Adhesive Waterproof Postal Bags ( with Printing)


If you sell products online and if you’re in search of courier flyer bags with pocket, then you are at the right place. We provide a one-stop answer to all your packaging pains by offering flyers. These courier flyer bags are robust and have high-quality material. Moreover, it has high-seam strength which is an ideal feature. It is durable and is perfect to safely put the products in as it has multiple layers of polythene film.

Additionally, it’s tamper-proof and also has a void adhesive closure system. It is also specialized with dual welding and micro-printing on both the sides of the border. This would help to prevent false opening and resealing. You can also write with ink on it comfortably and use stamps and also adhere to the labels smoothly. 

  • Size: small medium large
  • You can safely pack almost all the e-commerce products in it 
  • It is tear-resistant, which makes it ideal to use.
  • Furthermore, it is light in weight which is ideal as it would not increase the shipping weight.
  • It has a void adhesive closure
  • Moreover, you can also easily write on it or use stamps on it easily. 
  • 120 Microns
  • Specifically for Cosmetics, Mobiles, Artificial Jewelry, Watches and Accessories.
  • Great items not needing breakage protection
  • Self-sealing, tough and tear-resistant bags
  • Lightweight to save on shipping
  • Strong seams to allow for over-stuffing
  • 120 Microns
  • Minimum purchase quantity is 1000
Minimum purchase quantity is 1000【Perfect for packaging non-fragile items】【Absolute confidentiality】Hot melt adhesive strip, strong viscosity, once bonded, can only be destructive to open it, improve your package security. These poly mailers were white outer surface, black inner lining, so it looks like light grey color not a true bright white.【Durable Protection】Bareera shipping bags made by six layers membrane, can be stretched 3 times longer than normal, keep your product in good condition.【Waterproof Bags Water proof poly maile keeps the Gifts as good as new even if they get left out cold in the rain.【Save Your Time And Shipping Cost】Fuxury poly mailers bags are 2 mil thickness for shipping soft-goods, and they are light enough to safe you some money on weight for shipping.