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Wall panelling Units

by RKshops
High quality PVC wall panels having variety of different designs and colours. We will provide with you all in one package where you just just have select your pick design, sit and relax. All the external costs and installation cost will be covered in the initial price quoted. The platform allows us to upload only 5 sample pics, however, we have a lot of other samples which we can provide. The important thing here is to understand is that the market has many different qualities of PVC panels. Low quality shows wear n tear in few months. At the time of installation it may seem fine but it doesn't last long. Of course this subtleties can only be known through experience. We have best quality PVC panels in market and that too in very reasonable price range. the price varies little between different designs of product (at max 10 rupee per square inch). Panels are installed in a day or even two depending upon the area of work. The professional takes the required measurements and does a high class finishing work.