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Sliver 6x10 inches Kraft Bubble Mailers Padded Shipping Envelopes

by Rapco
  • ULTRA SECURE MAILING OPTION: Opt-in for these secure and sturdy kraft bubble mailer padded envelopes and be sure that your package will be safe from damage and tampering,
  • The go-to option for millions of shipments because of the sturdy built with bubble-lined wall construction for extra protection during transit.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT: Quality and easy to use, the bubble-lined shipping and packaging envelopes are lightweight and do not add to your shipping costs.
  • STURDY and TAMPERPROOF: NO tampering and NO damages due to the padded, opaque envelope design that keeps the integrity too. Your sensitive documents or shipment will not be opened or seen by anyone.
  • SELF ADHESIVE: The self-adhesive seal makes the Rapco envelopes very easy to seal.
  • The kraft bubble mailers envelope paper covering is easy to write, stick labels and stamps on.
  • VERSATILE: This great pack enables great usage for both personal and business use. A great option for homeowners and small business owners.
  • You can order 100 as a sample.