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Mango season in Pakistan comes in June and stay till August. Pakistan has successfully fulfilled the highest mango exports during the current season of 2020. This year Pakistan export of mangoes is over 125,000 tons, that worth $72 million. This is from list of mango exporters in Pakistan. Despite numerous issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic Mangoes in Pakistan has never stopped cultivation. had played a significant role in  export in Pakistan. We are one of the leading organizations that doing the Pakistani mango business in Pakistan.


Keeping it as stiff challenges of the global pandemic in 2020, the Pakistani mango exporter target was set at 80,000 tons. However, Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Merchants Association, importers (PFVA) managed to increase this year’s export target to 45,000 tons. After adopting this an aggressive strategy is coupled with timely decisions taken by Pakistan federal government.

It is anticipated that next season additional mango export of 25,000 tons would also be achieved. We deliver quality Mango fruit all over the world. Our Mango crop is cultivated under the supervision of highly experienced professionals