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Fire Extinguisher - Auto Fire Ball

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SELF ACTIVATING•The Fire Extinguisher Ball works automatically when in contact with fire.•Install within 30cms over any fire hazard.ALARM•When the ball explodes, the built-in alarm goes off releasing an approximately 138-decibel noise.LIGHTWEIGHT•Weighing at 1.3 Kg Approx., it is suitable for anyone, Women, Children and Elderly people.EASY TO USE•No training required. Just throw the ball with one hand into the fire.SAFE•No need to get close to the fire.•The ball will not self-ignite when shaken or damaged.•The outward driving force from activation of the ball does not harm human or environment.•Non-toxic to the environment. Fire Extinguisher Ball is made from human and environmentally friendly materials.FAST AND EFFECTIVE•It activates within 5-10 seconds after contacting the fire.•When used together with two or more balls, it can suppress a large fire.