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Eco Friendly Kraft Soup Bowls | Kraft Disposable Food Cups with Lids | Brown Containers - Soup Cup Great for Restaurants, Take-Outs Or Disposable Soup Bowls To Go Lunch (25/Pack) (Kraft, 16 oz) Eco Friendly Kraft Soup Bowls | Kraft Disposable Food Cups w

by EcoPak
  • ECO FRIENDLY AND RECYCLABLE: These cups have a PLA interior lining created from plant-based starches, to give your setting an eco-conscious dominance.
  • DURABLE: CULINWARE cup's thick paper construction guarantees exceptional durability for quality.
  • The PLA lining provides a heat resistance obstruction, these cups can withstand up to 200°F.
  • VENTED LIDS AND MATERIAL: No more soggy food! These cups come with vented paper lids allowing moist air out as well as eliminating the risk of rapid temperature loss.
  • The added tightly rolled rim ensures a safe and secure lid fit. It is smooth to the touch, making it great for sipping, too.
  • The solid kraft exterior provides the liberty of creativity.
  • Either add a company logo for customization or writing the content or customer name on the exterior. This will help you keep orders organized!
  • DIMENSION AND CAPACITY: 16oz H-4" Top Diameter-4"
  • Bottom Diameter-3"
  • NUMEROUS SIZES AVAILABLE: Enhance your restaurant or take-out food service with these favorable and convenient food cups.
  • Various sizes, allow you to cater to each portion with its perfect touch no differ small or large.