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Automatic Touchless Non Contact Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser 2 in 1 700ml

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This automatic dispenser features smart-motion infrared sensor technology that offers no-touch and easy to use operation and can be activated only when needed. It senses your hand within the range of 4 inches and automatically discharges the liquid soap when you keep your hands beneath it .Suitable for Liquid Soap ,Gel based Liquids and disinfectants .Can be used in Hospitals ,Tollbooths ,Restrooms ,Schools ,Shops ,Home ,Kitchen .Size : 110x100x165 mm(LxWxh)Capacity : 700mlDrop Volume : 0.80-1.00 mlMaterial : ABS Plastic,ASWeight : 480gBattery : 1.5V x 4 ‘AA’Extremely high quality product for staying clean .Can be used both indoor and outdoors .Battery operated and 700 ml .Easy to refill and operate .Long lasting product 6 months warranty .All in one and a very reliable solution right at your doorstep .For the first time in Pakistan ,a branded solution from Pakistan`s own company from whom you can expect nothing but quality .Tips: At the first use, since the liquid has not completely flown through the pipe, may not liquid at first, please try several times for first time with the liquid in .